About Us

Bounce SUP® was born of a distaste for dings. James Hedgecock, the founder of Bounce Composites® and Bounce SUP®, was first exposed to thermoplastic composite material while studying engineering at University of California Santa Barbara.  As an avid surfer, it occurred to him that there was a huge need for tough, high-performance boards and that thermoplastic composite material could be potentially fill that demand. Several years later, after working as a product manager in manufacturing, James actualized his ideas and thus Bounce Composites® was born. With our team of highly experienced craftsmen we have grown into exceptional manufacturers of stand up paddle boards, as well as other large continuous fiber thermoplastic parts, including hollow and core-filled objects.

At Bounce SUP® we design, engineer and manufacture seriously durable stand up paddleboards. Our patented process allows us to create boards like no one else. Let’s look at the facts. Thermoplastic composites are more durable, without sacrificing weight and performance. They have faster manufacturing cycle times. They require less labor and have a process and product with a smaller environmental footprint. What does this mean? It means Bounce SUP™ can build better boards at competitive prices and we can do it all here, in California.

P.S. Bounce is more than just paddleboards. Click over to find out what else we are up to!



TCT Construction — Thermal Composite Technology

  • Increases impact resistance by replacing the epoxy resin typically infused into the woven fiberglass with our thermoplastic resin. This sounds simple, but it takes a very controlled high-temperature process to successfully achieve.
  • Stiff and strong, so the ride feels just like an epoxy board.
  • Foam is injected into the hollow single-piece fiberglass skin and mechanically locks to the interior surface. (We can’t really tell you much more about this step.)

The result: The best combination of performance and durability at a competitive price and made here in the USA!

H-TCT Construction — Hollow Thermal Composite Technology

The next leap in the Bounce technology revolution!

This new step in the Bounce technology evolution uses the same durable skin found in TCT boards, but sandwiches it and leaves the core hollow.

  • Like most hollow boards, H-TCT boards are lighter.
  • Bounce H-TCT boards are initially formed in a single hollow shape, which results in a board with lapped fiberglass seams and greatly diminished potential for leaks (versus tradition technologies).
  • The flex provided by Bounce technology means that a H-TCT board can deflect more impact than a solid SUP.
  • The added flexibility means a H-TCT board can handle temperature and internal pressure changes much better than a traditional hollow board. It flexes!
  • The added buoyancy of the H-TCT board means that the same shape rides higher in the water and can hold more weight than traditional hollow boards.