Bounce SUP: High Performance for River & Whitewater

Recently, Bounce SUP was featured on Barry Kennon’s river stand up blog  River SUP, where he explores the rivers of western Carolina.

“The Bounce SUP 10’6 is my board of choice for whitewater play. I’m 5’10” and 150 lbs and it feels like just the right size. It’s edgy and tracks well while its classic longboard shape lends itself to fast hull speed~ the hard rails make carving easy. The Bounce SUP 10’6 has a  low volume wing-like shape design that  lends itself to slalom boat  performance characteristics and suits my style of SUP paddling…..also important: The TCT construction  can take a hit from a rock!”



Barry was the 2001 C1 Kayak Freestyle World Champion and is now a maniac when it comes to charging big river rapids on stand up paddleboards. Barry has tested multiple brands and technologies and chose Bounce SUP as the board he wanted to be riding when navigating the most challenging whitewater rapids.

Barry provides an excellent breakdown of whitewater paddle boarding and gives detailed tips. So if you’re looking for a a new challenge or want to refine your technique, Barry is your source!

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