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Had the opportunity to try this board (11' Multi-Purpose) on the French Broad River (II-III) in WNC. The board is light, durable, and responsive. A must for anyone looking to advance their footwork and weight distribution in moving water.

- MBG on 2015-08-31


Bounce Ping Pong Paddles


  • Reclaimed Ping Pong Paddle MADE IN USA
  • Designed for Irreverent Pong Play
  • Exotic Hardwood Handles
  • Sustainable Cork & High Strength Composite Construction
  • Fantastic Rebound and Response

Product Description

Why is a Paddleboard Company Making Ping Pong Paddles?!

At Bounce we view “wasted materials” as opportunities. Utilizing surplus materials left over from the manufacture of our paddleboards,  we designed and made the Bounce ping pong paddles. Our cork paddles provide the ideal amount of cushion for fantastic rebound and pop on the ball, setting you up for a faster, sharper game. Built completely from reclaimed and reused materials, we’re not just upgrading your pong game, we’re saving the world!