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Had the opportunity to try this board (11' Multi-Purpose) on the French Broad River (II-III) in WNC. The board is light, durable, and responsive. A must for anyone looking to advance their footwork and weight distribution in moving water.

- MBG on 2015-08-31


Futures RWC Keel Fin


Product Description

As outdoor enthusiasts we enjoy escaping the 9-5 in exchange for some of the most remote locations on the planet. This strong bond with the outdoors motivates us to reduce our impact on the locations we love so much.

The RWC Keel Fin by Futures is the first fin of its kind on the market. Using 30% reclaimed wood that would have ended up in local landfills, the RWC is an environmentally conscious product that requires no new trees to be cut down.

With performance not to be forgotten, the weight of the Keel fin has been reduced by 30% while still maintaining the speed and precision that the fin is known for.

RWC is the first in a long line of products geared towards reducing our environmental impact. Purchase your next fin in RWC and join the fight for a better tomorrow!