Rental Partners

Build your SUP Rental Fleet with the Board that Looks Like New, Every Time You Use It.

Our boards are tough. Rent them every day. Ride them through rocky rapids. Toss them into your truck. Send them off with the most demanding paddlers. Use them and abuse them – our boards bounce back from the roughest conditions, looking new and ready to rent again. And again.


Get a Return on your Investment, Season After Season.

We know that purchasing a rental fleet is an investment. With our boards, you will see a return on that investment in more ways than one. Cut out the time and labor spent on daily board repairs, you won’t need it. Rent to anyone without trepidation – they will tell everyone they know about the terrific rental shop that put them on the best paddling, most stable board imaginable, bringing you more business.

And when paddleboard season is all said and done, you’ll be left with a fleet of boards that look and ride just like the day they arrived. Keep them for seasons to come or sell them at a “like new” price. Either way, your pocketbook will be happy.


Happy customers, happy you, happy us.

We don’t see ourselves as “vendors” – we are your business partner and we are determined to help you give your customers the ultimate paddleboard experience. We think about your customers at every turn, including when it comes to accessories or tools that will enhance your business. Bounce SUP boards are light and easy to carry, making it easier for your customers to get on their way. Once they hit the water they will experience superior performance – breezing through waves, gliding on flat water, and stability in still moments. They’ll return smiling which will make you smile which will make us… you get the idea.


Let’s Talk

We can’t tell you everything here because we customize each order to meet the needs of the buyer. We’ll help you figure out what you need, customize your order to fit your business and tell you about our pricing options. Contact us below or call us at 760-473-0360.