Care & Warranty

Bounce SUPs are extremely durable, but we have found that some people treat this as a challenge. Okay maybe you “can” run these over with a car and they will still float, but it won’t come out as the beautiful board you purchased, so we advise not abusing Bounce SUPs on purpose. These boards are still made of fiberglass not titanium, so they can still be dinged, though they will not sustain damage to the extent that an epoxy board would.  In order for your Bounce SUP to last as long as possible please consider:

  • Treat it like you would any other fiberglass/epoxy board. When mistakes happen, Bounce technology will be there for you, but please don’t abuse the product on purpose.
  • Keep the board out of extreme heat and sunlight when not in use. Any product has a shortened lifespan if left in the sun 24/7.
  • Clean the board with a normal household cleaning product when necessary. Most marks on the rail from your paddle should be removable.
  • For ding/puncture repair:
    • For small repairs:  This PDF file explains how to repair your Bounce SUP board. Repairs on Bounce SUPs differ from traditional epoxy repairs. Traditional epoxy repairs will not work on our boards. You will find that our repairs are a lot easier and a lot less jarring than epoxy repairs. The repair process is very similar to the Ptex ski/snowboard repair. Just make sure you use polypropylene plastic for your Bounce repairs, not polyethylene used for snowboards and skis. Here is a link to an amazon listing were you can pick the size rod you would need: Amazon Polypropylene Rod. Since gashes tend to be small, a 3/8 width rod should be enough for several repairs.
    • For large repairs: Repairs that are too large for the welding technique or need fiber reinforcement should use West System G-Flex Plastic Boat Repair Kits described HERE. These kits are also available on Amazon, make sure you get the kit designated for plastic repair and follow the instructions inside for polyethelyne plastic repair.


Bounce Composites guarantees that its products will be free of any materials or workmanship defects on arrival at the customer’s location (except for shipping damage. It is the responsibility of the customer to inspect the product on arrival and refuse the shipment if it is damaged from shipping). Damage due to the use of a Bounce SUP is not covered in any way. If there is a workmanship issue, Bounce Composites will repair or replace the product at our discretion. The owner pays shipping to and from Bounce Composites if it is necessary to send the board to us for evaluation and/or repair.