What’s Foaming Up at Bounce in 2017?

The weather never really gets bad here in Southern California, but sub 70ºF temperatures have been driving us inside. We feel like we’ve been using the time well…



The days of Clark Foam and urethane foam blanks are long gone. Much of the surf and paddleboard industry has moved to EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam because it’s cheaper and easier to buy in big blocks. At Bounce, our foam core has always been polyurethane foam, a completely closed cell foam that allows no water absorption.

You don’t hear as much about the advancements of polyurethane within our industry due to the focus on EPS, but polyurethane is used in everything from ocean buoys and dock floats to refrigerators, car seats, packaging, and the horizontal blinds in your house. The scientists behind these formulations can tweak polyurethane to do just about anything and now they have made a huge leap forward in helping us improve our boards and our inner nerd is super excited about it!

It’s called PURE Foam and here’s why we’re so stoked on it.

  1. It makes our boards better! It has a tighter cell structure with virtually no voids, making it a stronger foam overall AND it bonds about 3x stronger (than our previous foam) with our durable outer skin.
  2. PURE Foam is manufactured right here in southern CA, which means we enjoy fast, local delivery and can feel great about supporting another US manufacturer (like us).
  3. The new formulation eliminates 99.9% of the greenhouse gas emissions compared to our old foam. We like to brag that people can build a board in our factory in slacks and a shirt because it’s so clean, but this is another big step forward in continually making the process safer for our workers and our environment.

While some SUP brands are not even sure how their boards are built, we are hyper aware of each and every material we use and how those materials come together. We build right here in California, after all, and we want only what’s best and safest for our team, our environment, and our customers.

We’re also excited about…

RWC (Reclaimed Wood Composite) KEEL FINS

We are happy to announce that our partners at Futures Fins have been innovating as well. They have taken the standard Keel fin (molded here in Southern CA – man, we do a lot of local sourcing!) and turned it into a beautiful, durable, more sustainable product featuring:

  • 30% reclaimed wood content,
  • a 30% lighter model than the previous KEEL fin with the same strength and performance,
  • and a new, natural look that is downright beautiful!

Thank you FUTURES! You can buy your own RWC Keel Fin online!

So, are you ready to work with the best, most durable composite board on the market? Because we’re ready to work with you!

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  • Stephen

    What is up with my board? I have the 10’6”. Great board but I don’t know what you all are talking about with impact resistance. I’ve had this board for a year and a half. I get a hole in the bottom every time I touch a rock. The top and rails are much stronger. I can easily put a permanent dent in the bottom of the board with my thumb. Unless someone can explain this to me I think the impact resistance claim is a joke.

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